As Wendy and her stepfather, Whistler, step out into the night after viewing his new scientific film, she senses something is waiting in the dark. Suddenly without warning, a supersonic wave of air blasts directly into them. As Wendy drops to the ground, Whistler falls to his knees. Disoriented, he cradles Wendy until rescuers arrive.

As Wendy fights for her life, her doctors, her best friend, and Whistler learn that just prior to the event, she took several pills, each an individual blueprint that became its own living entity once swallowed. What no one knows is that Wendy has been taking the drug for two weeks, and is almost ready to encounter the other side. When the paranormal world finally collides with reality, a series of events prompts each of them to set out on a quest to discover the truth about a world where all inhabitants should have one goal: to overcome the darkness and ascend humanity to the light. But do they?

In this fantasy tale, a young woman ingests powerful pills and unleashes a chain of events that cause the paranormal world to collide with reality and create a new species of DNA.

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